Virtual Sixty have provided us with a fantastic virtual tour for our school. We now can promote our open days every day.
Mike Shepard – Hawes Side Primary School

Our Virtual tour of the college has allowed students to gain a better understanding of the student services that they have access to. The team at Virtual Sixty really did pull out all the stops which made are recent inductions much easier. I would recommend without hesitation
Maggie Whitle – Blackpool & Fylde College

Great service which has allowed us to showcase our brewery in a way we could never of imagined
Andy Booker – Lytham Brewery Owner

The management of the school were very pleased with the work undertaken. The tour gives us something fresh and interactive to showcase our school and to give our website a lift. In all dealings with Virtual Sixty, I found them to be most helpful. Gerry never attempted to sell us anything more that we needed and provided sound and appropriate advice on what we would be able to do within our budget.

On the day the tour was shot, I found both the photographer and the gentleman who film the pupils to be professional and approachable. They worked well with me and offered sensible suggestions as to what we could do. The latter, in particular, was great with the pupils and really helped us get done what we wanted in a limited timeframe. Having had an OFSTED inspection the week the tour was due to be shot, we were not quite as prepared as we could have been yet this was never a problem and both gentlemen were patient and worked with me to achieve the outcomes we wanted. Follow-up work on the finished product was done largely via email with Gerry.

Again, all ran smoothly and professionally. I was really happy with the service we received from Virtual60 and with the excellent finished product. On top of that, we came in under budget and the cost to the school was deemed to be very reasonable. I would recommend this service to anyone wishing for something which has great impact but at a relatively low cost.

Paul D. Smith
Assistant Headteacher
Up Holland High School


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