Stunning detailed 4k capture from our state of the art drone gives you a unique perspective of your location/business.


With our cinematic hats on, we offer more than just a ‘bird’s eye view’. Our aerial services include full public liability insurance, CAA approved pilots, and extra camera operators where required.


Stand-alone Aerial Video Package:

We will film your business/subject using our 4K drone, complete a short interview for audio narration, and edit the package complete with music and titles.

Single Operator: £800 excl VAT

Dual Operator: £1300 incl VAT

Includes risk assessment, flight time, video editing, titles, and music.

Commercial Aerial Video or Photography:

For bespoke aerial video or photography for publication purposes (including web marketing), our aerial half day rate is:

Single Operator:  £950 excl VAT

Dual Operator:  £1300 excl VAT

Prices include risk assessment.

Video/Photographic Survey:

For bespoke aerial surveys (video/photography, non-publication):

Single Operator £350 excl VAT

Dual Operator £500 excl VAT

Ask us if your project will require one or two operators.

Please note: Drone photography is heavily weather dependent and we will not fly if the conditions are anything other than optimal for public safety.

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